Month: March 2017

Equipment The Party Pioneers Uses Part 4 – Lite Console XPRS DJ Booth

Hi All!

We have been so busy these last few weeks. We even used our Premium console for a Modern Styled Wedding. 

Some of clients ask about this stand so we have decided to write a post about it.

Lite Stand XPRS DJ Booth

The XPRS stand is our Premium alternative to our standard Gorilla Starcloth stand.

This stand has a modern truss feel which goes well with our truss totems.

It is very stylish and can be up lit to near any colour required.

You will see this stand at all our adult events if it has been requested.

Feel free to enquire more about this stand at anytime.

See you all soon!


Equipment The Party Pioneers Uses Part 3 – Pioneer DDJ SZ

Hi All!

Here is part 3 of our equipment information. 

Pioneer DDJ SZ

This is our standard deck we use as it includes many features that help our mixing at events.

It includes 2 sound cards which allow us to swiftly move to our backup in a rare event of equipment failure. Keeping the flow of the event running smoothly.

The sound produced is of the highest quality at 24bits /44.1kHz. This means that audio is crystal clear and will produce fantastic high notes as well as deep low bass.

It features 8 cue point pads which allow us to drum mix any song which adds flair and creativity to any event we attend.

This deck will be seen at all events unless we are using our advanced setup.

For a full overview of the DDJ SZ click HERE

See you all soon!


Favourite Irish Songs Part 2

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya 

A big happy St Patrick’s day to all our Irish brethren. Today we will be celebrating with many Irish songs.

Here are 5 more Irish Folk Songs which have been recorded by many artists such as the Pogues, Dubliners, Thin Lizzy, Sinead O’Connor etc…

1. Irish Rover

2. Danny Boy

3. Molly Malone

4. Grace

5. Fields Of Athenry 

Well that’s it for our Irish top 5 list. 

See you all soon!


Favourite Irish Songs Part 1

Hi All!

St Patrick’s day is right around the corner and so we are preparing our music for an special epic celebration. 

Here are some popular songs by Irish artists/bands which are great to dance to.

1. Dubliners – Whiskey In The Jar

2. The Corrs – Breathless

3. B-Witched – C’est La Vi

4. U2 – With Or Without You

5. Thin Lizzy – Boys Are Back in Town

That’s it for this post more to come on the day.

See you all soon


Favourite Welsh Songs Part 1

Hi All!

If you hail from the lovely country of Wales then you know about St Davids Day. Everyone coming together to sing, dance and have a great time. Here are some well know songs to get you in the mood for a party.

1. Tom Jones – Delilah

2. Stereophonics – Dakota

3. Duffy – Mercy

4. Shakin Stevens – This Ole’ House

5. Feeder – Buck Rogers

That’s all for this time.

See you all soon!


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