Hi All!

Hope you are all well!

I have been wanting to offer friendly advice for people who want to make their party the best it can be.

Being in the entertainment business for over 15 years I have seen many great ideas I want to share.

I am hoping to make many varied posts on this subject.

So to start it off I will offer my advice on the perfect children’s party buffet.

Many parents make a few mistakes which does cost them a lot of money.

So here are my tips to save money and make the best buffet.

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Stay basic – Too many parents like to spice up their spread with their own tastes completely forgetting that children enjoy basic food. For example I have seen plates of cheese/onion, chocolate and jam sandwiches not touched and thrown in the bin. They always go down bad. My advice is stay with the standard Ham/cheese/cheese spread.
  2. Make child size portions – Similar to point 1, food has been wasted due to over buying. The average child has a way smaller stomach than an adult so don’t need as much food. If you have 30 children coming to the party then cater for 35. This means a lot less wastage and of course a lot of money saved.
  3. Add in fruit and light vegetables – This may seem silly but due to the high amount of healthy food in schools it’s always best to have some available at parties. I recommend cut grapes, apple slices, pineapple pieces, carrot slices and cucumber slices. Stay away from fancy fruit and vegetables ie Kiwi, avocado, asparagus etc…
  4. Sweets are good – This is obvious but due to the focus on health some parents overlook this entirely. A small amount of sweets are perfect for children’s parties. Stay basic with Cadbury Fingers, small haribo jelly sweets etc… Stay away from Mint chocolate, orange chocolate, truffles and fudge/toffee as most are thrown in the bin.
  5. Desserts are good – Stay basic with Jelly/Ice cream. These always go down well and are usually cheap to make/buy. Stay away from cheesecake, fudge cake, trifles etc… They only go down well at adult events.
  6. Cater for parents – A good idea is to make a small nibbles section for the adults. This can be biscuits, crisps, sandwiches etc…
  7. Pop is good – Having standard squash is good but also having a little bit of pop is great. I recommend cola or lemonade. Sugar free is better but some people prefer full sugar drinks. Either is fine in small quantities.

Another Tip

Some parties make lunch boxes for each child at the party.

This is great if some children have certain dietary requirements.

If you use this path I recommend 2 small sandwiches, a bag of fruit and veg, bag of sweets, small chocolate bar and possibly a tube of yogurt.

This is a great money saver.

Well that’s it for this post. I hope some of these points help future party parents :).

See you all soon!