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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

1. You must be 18 years or over to book with the Party Pioneers.

2. A contract must be signed for the event to take place unless stated elsewhere by Party Pioneers.

3. Cancelling an event more than 1 month from event due date will incur 50% (Half) of the cost of the Final fee paid by client(s).

4. Cancelling the event under 1 month from event due date will incur 100% (Full) of the cost of the Final fee paid by client(s).

5. To cancel an event, written confirmation must be sent to our current postal address. Failure to do so will incur a £20 charge along with point 3 or 4 (whichever is more relevant to the cancelation) of this contract.

6. The client(s) booking the event are solely in charge of the client(s)/guest(s)/family member(s)/kin/Staff/Members/People/Patrons before, on and after the event. This means any problems/issues from any client(s)/guest(s)/family member(s)/kin/Staff/Members/People lie solely with the client(s) and not the Party Pioneers.

7. If another service/provider/band/entertainer/DJ/producer/artist/group/show/singer has been booked accidently/on purpose to replace/work alongside Party Pioneers, then the Party Pioneers will take precedence over the other service/provider/band/entertainer/DJ/producer/artist/group/show/singer in all situations.

8. If the Party Pioneers contract interferes with any contract by other service/provider/band/entertainer/DJ/producer/artist/group/show/singer as specified in point 6 of this contract then the Party Pioneers will supersede all other service/provider/band/entertainer/DJ/producer/artist/group/show/singer contracts in place at all times.

9. The final fee of the booking will not be negotiated at any time.

10. Any damages to the equipment/items/possessions/objects/vehicles owned and/or rented by the Party Pioneers by accident and/or on purpose by the client(s)/guest(s)/family(s) member(s)/kin/Staff/Members/People, repairs/replacements to the equipment/items/possessions/objects/vehicles owned and/or rented will be paid for in full by the client(s) with a £100 charge per item damaged added.

11. Any Verbal/Physical Threat and/or Action to any staff/member of the Party Pioneers before/during/after the booked event by the client(s)/guest(s)/family member(s)/kin/Staff/Members/People will be dealt with to the full extent of the law. The event can be cancelled by the Party Pioneers incurring 100% (Full) of the cost of the final fee.

12. Any inaccurate information supplied to the Party Pioneers which causes an event to be changed will incur additional costs decided by the Party Pioneers – including but not limited to (Venue location, party starting/finishing times, music requested, equipment setup upstairs/downstairs, equipment requested, parking, meal available, timetable, electric provided, licence(s) requested, health risk(s), and event indoors and/or outdoors.

13. If requested by the Party Pioneers there must be adequate facilities available to all members/staff of the Party Pioneers when needed. Essential Facilities include but not limited to a changing area, toilet, secure lockers, a secure parking area close to the venue, bed and breakfast. All costs for these facilities will be dealt with by the Client(s).

14. The client(s) are not allowed to show/discuss/disclose any information provided by Party Pioneers with any guest(s)/family member(s)/kin/Staff/Members/company(s)/People/Organisations apart from your legal representation and/or unless Party Pioneers directly specifies the information is suitable for the public domain and/or does not hinder the reputation of the Party Pioneers. If this point is not adhered to then client(s) will be dealt with to the full extent of the law.

15. Failure to pay for our services on time (before or on the date of the event) will be charged at £5 a day until full payment (including charges incurred) is received. The charges will be up to a maximum of £1000.

16. Failure to pay for our services partially/at all will be dealt with to the full extent of the law.

17. Any false/fraudulent payments will be dealt with to the full extent of the law.

18. Any costs and/or charges that are unable to be paid because of injury and/or death of the client(s) will be paid for by next of kin/family member.

19. No violence/threats and/or legal action will occur if a member(s) of the Party Pioneers cannot attend the event due to Weather conditions, road works/changes, epidemics, invasion, illness, injury and/or death.

20. The service the Party Pioneers is entertainment and/or Mobile Disc Jockeying (DJ) and/or Wedding Planning. Under no situation will the client attempt to add additional work not defined and/or hired (paid for) to any member/staff of the Party Pioneers. This includes but is not limited to child/adult minding, photographing, Master Of Ceremonies, Staff of another company/organisation, chauffeur, taxi, magician, bar work, waiter, chef, security, cleaner and musician.

21. The client(s)/guest(s)/family member(s)/kin/Staff/Members/People are not allowed near the equipment owned by the Party Pioneers at any time for health and safety reasons. Any client(s)/guest(s)/family member(s)/kin/Staff/Members/People who breach this point do so at their own risk without any repercussions to the Party Pioneers.

22. Any negligence and/or disregard for safety from the client(s)/guest(s)/family member(s)/kin/Staff/Members/People that results in disorders and/or injures and/or disability and/or death will not be at the fault of the Party Pioneers under any circumstance. Claims in these matters cannot be issued against the Party Pioneers under any situation.

23. If any part(s) of the terms and conditions will be / are illegal, the remaining part of the terms and conditions will still be legally binding.

24. If requested, the client(s) must provide Party Pioneers with written/video feedback directly to the Party Pioneers and are not allowed to provide feedback/opinions on the Party Pioneers without our permission.

25. If the client is not satisfied with the service the Party Pioneers provided, a written document explaining the problem must be sent to the Party Pioneers within 14 days of the completed event booked where a resolution will be attempted. The complaint may not be aired on social media/media at any point. If a complaint/negative feedback is received/placed on (but not limited to) public Domains, internet, feedback groups, media, magazines, newspapers, social networking places, bill boards after 14 days of the event taking place, it will be null and void and must be deleted. Also no legal claims can be made against Party Pioneers after the 14 days of the event booked.

26. Under no situation will the client(s)/guest(s)/family member(s)/kin/Staff/Members/People, leave/discuss/disclose positive/negative feedback about Party Pioneers (but not limited to) public Domains, internet, feedback groups, media, magazines, newspapers, social networking places, bill boards and websites unless authorised by Party Pioneers.

27. These terms and conditions are legally binding and breaking any part(s) of the agreement will incur the penalties listed above alongside the full extent of the law. The client(s) will also pay all legal costs under all situations.

28. These terms and conditions will automatically be accepted once the booking has taken place whether they have been read or not. A signed contract is not required if the client has sent any form of information stating they wish to book our services. That confirmation will be a legal acceptance of our terms and conditions and will then be enforced. A contract therefore will not be required if we have a confirmation message.

29. Any photographs and/or videos taken by the Party Pioneers or on behalf of the Party Pioneers are owned solely by the Party Pioneers in all circumstances.

30. The Party Pioneers has sole right to use reviews and/or photographs and/or videos of the event on (but not limited to) public Domains, internet, feedback groups, media, magazines, newspapers, social networking places, bill boards and websites with or without permission from client(s)/guest(s)/family member(s)/kin/Staff/Members/People.

31. Bookings and/or information the client wishes to know and/or change are solely for the client(s) to contact the Party Pioneers at all times. This means that the Party Pioneers will not contact the client(s) to find if any information has and/or will be changed; it is solely the responsibility of the clients(s) to notify the Party Pioneers of any changes.

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